Park bench, Village Green Park
Photo by Bob Delaney/D2 Gallery

VIS History

Over the years, VIS members have volunteered enthusiastically in community service projects. In the early days, the VIS undertook care of the town dump, cleaned town streets in the spring and summer, and instituted Clean Up Week.

Care and maintenance of the Village Green Park at the Railroad Station has been ongoing since 1911. Today, spring clean-up at the park, which has recently been restored to resemble its original appearance, is an annual VIS event.

In 1946 the VIS assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the interior of The Old Meeting House. It works closely with the town in matters concerning the preservation of this historic building which was entered in the Register of Historic Places in 1978.

In 1968 the VIS purchased the Railroad Station from the Canadian National Railroad. This landmark, built in 1906, is also in the National Register of Historic Places.